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Benton County

Benton County is in the south central portion of Washington. It is bounded on the north by the Yakima River (Grant County) and on the east (Franklin and Walla-Walla Counties) and south by the Columbia River (State of Oregon). The western edge abuts Yakima and Klickitat counties. The County Seat is located in Prosser, approximately 42 km (26 miles) west of West Richland.



Map of West Richland - 46° 18.3' N, 119° 18' W

Port of Kennewick

One Clover Island

Kennewick, WA 99336

ph: 509-586-1186

fax: 509-586-PORT

The Port of Kennewick's overall mission is industrial and economic development under the laws of the State of Washington. The Port works closely with federal, state, and local entities, including the City of West Richland, to look for opportunities to create jobs and expand the community's economic base.




The nearest airport, about 3 miles (5 km) east of West Richland, is the Richland Airport (RLD), operated by the Port of Benton. It has two runways, 01/19 and 07/25, both about 4,000 ft long. Elevation is about 391 ft. N46-18.34; W119-18.25. Parachuting, sailplanes, and ultra-lites abound. It is located on the western boundary of the City of Richland, WA. The Richland Airport is the home of the Tri-Cities Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol.


The nearest airport with Scheduled Commercial Service is the Pasco Airport (PSC), about 13 miles (21 km) east of West Richland. Runways are 03R/21L (4,425 ft), 03L/21R (7,700 ft), and 12/30 (7,700 ft). Elevation is about 407 ft. N46-15.88; W119-07.14. It is operated by the Port of Pasco. It is located on the north side of Pasco, WA. Major rental cars are available.


The Kennewick Airport (S98), Vista Field, is located roughly 10 miles (15 km) southeast of West Richland. One runway is active, 02/20 which is about 4000 ft long. Elevation is about 521 ft. N46-13.24; W119-12.32.


Detailed Airport Information: This site also has secondary sites that provide additional commercial information.